Take a ride with That Handsome Devil to the other side of town: a neighborhood where Charles Bukowski hung his hat at a juke joint; where the bartender knew Hunter Thompson’s single malt of choice and kept plenty in stock. This is the place where That Handsome Devil’s front man/songwriter Godforbid calls home, where Jeremy Page (producer/songwriter) bangs on a bullet-riddled piano, its beaten keys howling from a smoky corner. Their cracked-out, whiskey-cabaret punk jazz, echoing Outkast, Gogol Bordello and early Tom Waits, is the soundtrack to this bizarre scene.

Formed in late 2004, their inspiration was rebellion against the corporate format, and the general lack of passion and meaningful music: and in the past few years That Handsome Devil has fought that tedium tooth and nail, while receiving scores of positive reviews. Praised as "profoundly entertaining", "bizarre in a beautiful way" "a madcap musical frenzy; as dizzying as it is dazzling". That Handsome Devil increased their national visibility with placement in the Showtime hit, Weeds, and network shows Reaper, and Necessary Roughness as well as playable tracks in Guitar Hero II and Rock Band 2, establishing themselves as cult heroes among a new generation of disenfranchised youth.

Now with the release of the glorious new epic: Drugs & Guns For Everyone, they've mastered they're street-level satire. Conjuring up noir hood-anthems with The Cops! No Roots, and Goldfish Brain. Crooning heart-crushing tales with a tounge-in-cheek twist, in Junkies In Love, The Face for it,  A Drink to Death, and $=♡. Parading the faults of a generation with a game show hosts detachment on Party Mom and Invisible Dad, Throwing Up, and 70's Tuxedos, and the howling science fiction odysseys of Time Machine and The Last Ones. If you feel a little tingle in your blood, or a race in your heart-beat, don't worry - you should.

Band Members

Godforbid:                    Vocals, Frontman
Jeremy Page:                Guitar, Producer
Naoko Takamoto:          Vocals, Muscle
Jeremy "Reg" Siegel:     Bass, Navigator
Sam Merrick:                 Drums, Security